Why I Read ...

Time for another "Why I Read..." post.  This is where I talk about one of my favorite blogs and why I read it.

I don't know how I found Alisa Burke's eponymous blog, but I'm glad I did.  Alisa is a painter and artist; she also writes books and offers several online classes.  What I like about Alisa's blog is that most of the stuff she talks about -- from sewing to cooking -- looks really easy and do-able.  She genuinely believes in the creative abilities of others and works hard to make sure everyone sees that possibility in themselves. 

One of Alisa's recent additions to her blog posts is talking about the creative process from inspiration to finished product.  Today she talked about something she saw at her local art museum and showed how that manifested itself in beautiful hand-painted mugs.  This kind of post really appeals to me because I'm still trying to find my creativity and what it means to be creative.  Right now, it's making jewelry.  But I'm also thinking about drawing and sewing -- two things I know nothing about but want to explore further.

Alisa's blog has quickly become one of my favorites.  Read her blog -- you'll be glad you did!

Do I Dare?

I've thought about getting a tattoo (good thing my mother doesn't read this).  The problem isn't so much having something permanent.  It's what design to choose.  I'm one of those crazy people who actually likes change.  I've painted almost every room in my house twice, and I've only lived in it for seven years.  I change my hair color, my nail polish, etc.  How could I possibly pick just one design for a tattoo?

Well, this could satisfy my short-term urges.  Tattoo pens!  They last for about seven days.  And they include stencils!  This could be fun ...

Felted Treasures

I really have no idea what goes into creating these beautiful felted items, but I'm quite fascinated by them.  I could easily amass quite a collection, and the variety is just astounding.   Check out this Treasury for just a few ideas.

Why I Read ...

I like to read.  A lot.  A lot.  I've devoured books ever since I can remember.  And I read just as much -- or more -- online.  I have two separate Google Reader accounts:  one for crafty/design/DIY/indie stuff and one for everything else.  All told, I'm pushing close to 200 feeds.  one sydney road's Alphabet Blog Hop was responsible for a considerable addition last week.

I know I'm babbling, but it is leading to something.  I'd like to highlight some of the blogs I read and why I read them.  And the first is The Creative Place.  Ashley is a graphic designer and crafter and loves consignment shops.  I love her blog because she has the best tutorials!  She makes crafting look easy and fun.  Today she posted a wonderful tutorial on making fabric covered matchbook mini albums -- so cute! 

Take some time to browse through her blog and tutorials; lots of good stuff!

Bond, James Bond

Etsy would not be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of James Bond.  But you shouldn't be so sure.

Check out this neat set of prints from Etsy shop lillimandrill.  Unexpected and awesome.

V is for Vintage

It's Alphabet Walk Blog Hop Day! Welcome, hoppers!

Piper at one sydney road had this great idea:  Have bloggers pick a letter and then let them photograph that letter any way they want.  Brilliant!  I came a little late to the game and didn't have much choice in letters.  I chose V and have been puzzling for days over what to photograph.

I decided to highlight my newfound love:  vintage.  I've only made a few vintage purchases, but I love them dearly.  And I'm absolutely addicted.

My first purchase several months ago was this vintage Samsonite travel bag.  It is now my laptop/briefcase bag and I feel very chic using it.

The second just arrived yesterday: a  fabulous 1960s dress, which I plan to wear to a dear friend's wedding in early September.

(The pictures are pretty crapstastic, I know.  I was battling an oncoming storm and had very inconsistent lighting.  The close-ups aren't horrible, at least.)

By the way, both of these came from Thrush, possibly the best vintage store on Etsy.

Make sure you check out all the other letters today and from the past week.  I've found some wonderful blogs to add to my feed reader!

I am not a graphic designer ...

... but I sometimes play one on my blog.  After searching through pages and pages of pre-made and free Blogger designs, I found a designer I absolutely love.

Check out the fabulously pretty designs at Rainy Day Templates.  So sweet!  But a little out of my price range at the moment.  So I will have to admire from afar and save my pennies.


So I'm reading all these other blogs for the Alphabet Blog Hop being sponsored by one sydney road.  And being amazed by everyone's photos.  And extremely jealous of everyone's blog design.  Which means I'll be spending hours looking at new layouts for the blog.

When I really should be making jewelry or promoting my Etsy shop or doing something else far more productive.  Sigh.

Etsy Shop and Blog Hop

Oh, this is fun.  The Helping Others Street Team on Etsy is doing an Etsy Shop and Blog Hop. 

Here I'm posting the items I like from the two shops above me:

These business cards from SpellPages are pretty and useful.
My sister is a fan of Chai Tea, so I'm sure she'd love this blend from IvyKeep.

Want to play?  Here's the code to join. It's fun!

Etsy Saturday

I'm starting a new series:  Etsy Saturday.  Just interesting things I find on Etsy.  I've been buying on Etsy for a couple of years, but only since I opened my shop have I been spending more time there.  And I'm constantly amazed by what you can find.

This is one of my latest finds.  I'm a huge fan of  Aquolina's Pink Sugar perfume.  It's sweet and light and I often get compliments on it.  But it's expensive.  Do you know there are people on Etsy who sell dupes?  And they are exactly the same and a fraction of the cost?  It's true.  I bought an exact duplicate from Caribbean Scents and I love it. 

The beauty section of Etsy is enormous; definitely worth your time.

Heat Relief

Too hot to do anything here except think of ice cream.  So I created a little Etsy Treasury in celebration of that wonderful combination of strawberry, chocolate and vanilla!