Why I Read ...

Time for another "Why I Read..." post.  This is where I talk about one of my favorite blogs and why I read it.

I don't know how I found Alisa Burke's eponymous blog, but I'm glad I did.  Alisa is a painter and artist; she also writes books and offers several online classes.  What I like about Alisa's blog is that most of the stuff she talks about -- from sewing to cooking -- looks really easy and do-able.  She genuinely believes in the creative abilities of others and works hard to make sure everyone sees that possibility in themselves. 

One of Alisa's recent additions to her blog posts is talking about the creative process from inspiration to finished product.  Today she talked about something she saw at her local art museum and showed how that manifested itself in beautiful hand-painted mugs.  This kind of post really appeals to me because I'm still trying to find my creativity and what it means to be creative.  Right now, it's making jewelry.  But I'm also thinking about drawing and sewing -- two things I know nothing about but want to explore further.

Alisa's blog has quickly become one of my favorites.  Read her blog -- you'll be glad you did!

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