The Ultimate in Creativity?

This is a place you could easily kill a couple of hours -- and subsequently gain a few pounds.  It's Chocri -- where you can design your own chocolate bar.  Choose your chocolate (only dark for me), then add your choice of fruit, spices, nuts, confections, decor and grains.

The choices are truly amazing:  everything from candied lilac to ground chili.  You can also purchase Recommended Creations.  Instant Wealth looks positively yummy!

Adventures in Shrink Plastic

So I have some ideas for some new kinds of jewelry using shrink plastic.  Today was prototyping.  The big thing I learned?  This stuff is hard -- even before you bake it! I tried using a regular craft knife to cut it -- barely made a scratch.  I had to break out the big utility knife from the basement.  Still, I had fun playing with it.  Hope to incorporate it into some new jewelry soon.

Playing Junior Stylist

Nicole over at lillyella has a fun feature called Couture du Jour.  And today she's featuring the outfit I put together!  And it all started with this top from ModCloth.  Click over to lillyella to see the post.

Super Easy Light Box

Still no official sales in my Etsy shop; I'm not counting the one "practice" sale which was just for me to see how the process works.  And I still think my photography is a big issue; you've got such a short time and a small space to capture a viewer's attention. 

So I built myself a light box, using these super easy instructions.  Highly recommended.  I think my photos look much better.  Now everything needs to be re-shot!

Fossil Giveaway

Ez over at Creature Comforts has a Fossil Giveaway on her site.  A Fossil watch up to a $125 value!  I have a Fossil watch I bought for myself several Christmases ago and I absolutely love it.  It makes me feel polished and chic whenever I wear it.

Certainly wouldn't mind having a new one though!  And this watch has purple in it -- my current color obsession.


Holly over at decor8 found this fun resource: Olioboard.  It lets you not only create -- but share -- mood boards online.

Now, I'm so left brain, but I'm really trying to cultivate my right brain.  I've never made a mood board before and really wasn't sure what I was doing when I started this one.  I found one of the green images, then a gold one and suddenly I had the ubiquitous harvest gold and avocado green of the 1970s.  But completely updated with modern furnishings.

I'll be spending lots of time here.

Photo Practice: Abundant Pearls

Last week's photo practice turns into this week's finished product.  A little bracelet overflowing with multi-colored pearls.  I think I'm kind of getting the hang of the photography.