I am not a graphic designer ...

... but I sometimes play one on my blog.  After searching through pages and pages of pre-made and free Blogger designs, I found a designer I absolutely love.

Check out the fabulously pretty designs at Rainy Day Templates.  So sweet!  But a little out of my price range at the moment.  So I will have to admire from afar and save my pennies.


  1. These are gorgeous templates! If I was a graphic designer, this is what my style would be. Stunning!

  2. well, if you designed your blog yourself it's quite loveLee! i just found rainy day templates myself last week and inquired about her price on her premade templates. hoping to hear from her soon.! anyhoo, here from the alphabet walk and i am doing the letter V too!

  3. Small Burst -- I know, aren't they wonderful?

    Alely -- Thanks; I do as much as I can with Blogger :). I'll keep watching your blog to see if you go with one of the Rainy Day templates!