V is for Vintage

It's Alphabet Walk Blog Hop Day! Welcome, hoppers!

Piper at one sydney road had this great idea:  Have bloggers pick a letter and then let them photograph that letter any way they want.  Brilliant!  I came a little late to the game and didn't have much choice in letters.  I chose V and have been puzzling for days over what to photograph.

I decided to highlight my newfound love:  vintage.  I've only made a few vintage purchases, but I love them dearly.  And I'm absolutely addicted.

My first purchase several months ago was this vintage Samsonite travel bag.  It is now my laptop/briefcase bag and I feel very chic using it.

The second just arrived yesterday: a  fabulous 1960s dress, which I plan to wear to a dear friend's wedding in early September.

(The pictures are pretty crapstastic, I know.  I was battling an oncoming storm and had very inconsistent lighting.  The close-ups aren't horrible, at least.)

By the way, both of these came from Thrush, possibly the best vintage store on Etsy.

Make sure you check out all the other letters today and from the past week.  I've found some wonderful blogs to add to my feed reader!


  1. You did well with the letter V. I had it too, and it was tricky! I used "vintage" as one of my v words as well. Come on over and take a look if you like.

    I thought the blog hop was a lot of fun. I've been adding lots of new blogs to my reader, too!

  2. Word. And no your pics aren't craptastic. They're lovely, makes me wanna hop right over to Thrush right after this comment. Such cute finds!

  3. Ooh, great "V"!! that luggage is way too cool!! i may have to find one myself to use as a briefcase :)!!

  4. I bet they look great together! Well done, V was a hard one ;)

  5. Thanks for the comments, everyone. It was a fun challenge!

  6. vintage ~ a fabulous V word. Great buys too ~ love the bag