Knitting Like Crazy

So apparently whining works.  After lamenting about my poor knitting skills a few weeks ago, I've actually finished four projects since then!  They are all small, but significant for me, since I have now managed to do some real lace knitting.

The Honey Cowl was a pretty easy knit -- not that much effort for a really nice finished piece.  I just wish I hadn't chosen a wool yarn; it's kind of itchy.  Maybe someone will get this as a gift.

Next was this coffee sleeve, which I plan to use as a cuff bracelet.  Theoretically, it could be both, but I'm a notoriously tight knitter.  This might fit a Tall at Starbucks, but I doubt it would fit a Grande -- and that's the size I usually order. :)

Then I tried something truly lace -- these fingerless gloves.  I've dabbled in crochet, but not enough to want to do the beaded crochet lace on these gloves, so I just did more repeats of the pattern.  The yarn was so easy to work with, which made the project even easier.

Finally, the one I'm most proud of.  This Blue Leaf Handband had lots of different increases and decreases.  But it was actually a pretty fun knit and has really increased my confidence in lace knitting. 

Next up will be this beret.  I love Ravelry's feature that lets you search for projects by yarn.  So many good ideas!

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  1. beautiful. i took a lace knitting class a few years back. the best thing i ever learned was how to unknit.